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Mississippi Mediation Attorneys


Litigation is an expensive, time consuming, and emotionally draining experience. Business relationships are destroyed in litigation, and a great deal of time, effort, and money may be spent in vain. An alternative is possible. All of these resources may be saved through purposeful dispute resolution via mediation.

Mediation is a structured process where the parties to a conflict come together, under the supervision of an independent mediator, to resolve their differences. It is not binding unless the parties agree to be bound, and the parties are free to pursue litigation if the mediation process fails. Mediation affords the parties an opportunity to share their story with both the independent mediator and each other, and to enter into meaningful discussions with the goal of reaching a compromise.

Heber Simmons III serves as a mediator in litigation matters. He is listed with the Mississippi Bar Approved Mediators, the Federal Court Mediation Panel and serves on the Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee for the Mississippi Bar Association. His style of mediation is to explore all parties’ positions, to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the case as a whole, and to offer meaningful suggestions to the parties, forcefully if necessary, to assist them in resolving the issues. The offices of Simmons Dallas, PLLC are designed with separate conference rooms to provide privacy during the mediation process, while providing close access to the mediator at all times.

From our office in Jackson, Mississippi, work hard at ensuring that the mediation process, when undertaken in good faith, is given every chance to prevent a lawsuit. If you believe that mediation may help you to avoid the expense of a full-fledged trial, contact us via e-mail, or call either our office, or toll free at our office.