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Representing Those Injured By Medication Errors

We rely on our doctors, pharmacists and anesthesiologists to provide us with the correct medication. An error or mistake in the medication can have serious consequences. You may have unforeseen and serious side effects and your original illness may go untreated.

At Simmons Dallas, PLLC, we represent clients who have been injured as a result of medication errors. This includes:

  • Incorrect dosages: If you receive too much of a medication, you could overdose and have a lasting side effect. If you receive too little, your condition could worsen. We help those who have suffered injuries due to any type of dosage error.
  • Incorrect medications: When you receive the wrong medication, you can have two injuries: side effects from the medication you take and injuries caused by the lack of treatment for your actual illness.
  • Preventable drug interactions: Doctors and pharmacists must account for all of your medications, over the counter and prescribed. If these medications could have a negative effect when taken together, it could cause you serious injuries.
  • Incorrect directions: With every prescription, it is important that you receive explicit direction from your doctor and your pharmacist. This includes the frequency and amount of doses you need to take.

These types of mistakes and similar medication errors can have a serious impact on your health. Our attorneys are committed to helping you hold medical professionals accountable for their negligent actions that result in injuries.

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