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Our Legal Practice — Assisting You in Achieving Results

In the past two decades, Simmons Dallas, PLLC has evolved into a law firm that provides legal representation to individuals who find themselves in the unfortunate position of being involved in a lawsuit. Our knowledge, experience, and compassion serve as a safe harbor for litigants faced with the unfamiliar stressors of litigation. We take your case personally, be it a personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, contract dispute, premise liability, or products liability case. The carefully selected and trained lawyers at Simmons Dallas, PLLC are skilled procedurally and substantively in litigation so as to handle a myriad of issues that confront their clients. We know how important being prompt, responsive, and thorough can be in advancing our client’s position, as well as developing trust and mutual respect between attorney and client. We provide legal direction to get results.

A Practice Focused On Resolving Your Legal Issues

Our attorneys have experience handling a wide range of legal issues for individuals and businesses. We have in-depth knowledge the laws of Mississippi and Tennessee, which comes from years of practicing in those courts. Turn to our firm for help resolving legal matters involving:

  • Medical negligence: We help injured individuals hold negligent medical professionals accountable.
  • Serious injuries: If you were injured in an accident, we can help you bring a personal injury claim.
  • Licensure cases: We represent doctors, nurses and other professionals with license issues.
  • Business matters: From employment issues to breach of contract actions, we can help you resolve any business issues you face.

At Simmons Dallas, PLLC, we have an extended network of highly respected experts, in addition to our staff of in-house personnel with specialized expertise, to provide a strong foundation as we build your case.

For aggressive, persistent legal representation, contact our attorneys via e-mail for more information. We can also be reached by calling 601-500-5526, or toll free at 888-833-8061, to schedule a free initial case assessment. We hold all conversations in strictest confidence.