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Medical Malpractice Cases Require Experienced Representation

A highly specialized area of litigation such as medical malpractice demands highly skilled attorneys to tackle its weighty issues and navigate the difficult terrain of litigation stemming from injuries received in the course of medical treatment. The constantly evolving practice of medicine demands that the attorneys practicing in this area continue to evolve in their practice as well. Not only do our medical malpractice litigators vigorously represent our clients in state and federal courts, but they also represent providers before state health related boards in matters involving discipline and licensure. Heber Simmons, Chris Henderson, Doug Mercier and Melanie Marano have over 75 years of combined experience in medical litigation. We have worked diligently to develop an excellent reputation in this area and work together as a focused litigation team.

You need to be sure to find professionals who can base their testimony on the most modern understanding of health and medicine possible.

Simmons Dallas, PLLC: Skilled at Medical Negligence Case

Our attorneys and staff at Simmons Dallas, PLLC, have handled hundreds of medical malpractice cases over the past 25 years, including cases involving hospitals, physician negligence, dentists, nurse practitioners, and general nurses. We have handled cases involving a myriad of claims, including death and serious injuries caused by:

Our attorneys are well equipped to represent our clients in these complex cases. We have in-house medical consultants, our own database of medical professionals, and an extensive network of outside experts to assist us in our representations. We have represented clients in Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama, involving litigation and health care business representation dealing with a broad spectrum of legal issues.

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