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Attorneys and Staff

The staff at Simmons Dallas, PLLC, is ready to evaluate your case and will give you an honest assessment of your chances at trial; your initial consultation is free of charge. Once we accept a case, we dedicate ourselves to preparing for trial, and will only recommend settlement if it is truly in our clients’ best interests.

Additionally, we have a full-time staff of paralegals and case managers who are also experienced in medical procedures, and we maintain our own database of reliable medical experts. This allows us to assess personal injuries and medical malpractice claims quickly and thoroughly, resulting in reduced delay and prompt responses to your concerns in times of crisis.

Contact our firm online, by calling 601-500-5526, or calling us toll free at 888-833-8061. You can contact individual members of our firm using the e-mail links below:


Cheryl Lang (Paralegal/Office Manager)
[email protected]

Laurie Guion (Paralegal)
[email protected]

Nicole Lewallen (Legal Secretary)
[email protected]

Jane Berry (Paralegal)
[email protected]

Alejandra Sepulveda (Paralegal)
[email protected]