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Helping Injured Accident Victims

Personal injury litigation covers a wide range of possible legal actions, from simple slip-and-fall accidents, to complex cases concerning accusations of medical malpractice. It also includes car accidents, work-related injuries, or injuries sustained because of the alleged recklessness or negligence of individuals or businesses.

Contact our attorneys to schedule a free initial consultation. Our focus is on recovering full and fair compensation for damages you suffered as a result of your accident. We handle cases involving:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: From car accidents to truck accidents, we handle accidents involving all types of motor vehicles. We also represent motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians who have been injured by vehicles.
  • Premises liability: When you are injured on another person’s property, we may be able to help you bring a claim. These types of claims are known as premises liability claims and include slip-and-falls and similar accidents.
  • Product liability: Dangerous products that have been negligently designed or manufactured can cause serious injuries. If you were injured by a lawnmower, appliance or similar product, our attorneys can help you.
  • Toxic chemical claims: We represent individuals who have been injured through exposure to toxic chemicals.

Handling Cases in All Mississippi and Tennessee Courts

When you sue for personal injury or wrongful death, your lawsuit may be filed in state or federal court, depending on the specific facts of a case. Our attorneys are admitted to practice in all state and federal courts in Mississippi. However, many cases can be settled to the satisfaction of both parties before trial, and our attorneys have extensive experience in negotiating successful resolution of personal injury claims without the need for expensive and time-consuming litigation.

Our success in early resolution of claims helps to prevent further damage from delay, and much of the credit belongs to our knowledge of the law and our ability to quickly obtain necessary information, documents, and experts.

Recovering damages will depend in part on the terms of your insurance policy. It’s important first to understand what you are covered for and what your actual costs are likely to be given the scope and nature of your injuries. You may even be denied insurance benefits under a policy that actually covers your situation. Therefore, it is of critical importance that you have your case reviewed by professionals on a timely basis. Delay can also completely prevent you from pursuing a suit, since Mississippi and Tennessee each have a statute of limitations.

Speak With an Attorney at Our Firm

If you need an experienced auto accident lawyer in your personal injury lawsuit, we at the Simmons Dallas, PLLC, can help you reach a resolution quickly, either by settlement or trial. We are ready to go the distance with you, and we keep your best interests in mind at all times in Mississippi or Tennessee. Contact us via e-mail, by calling 601-500-5526, or toll free at 888-833-8061.