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Mississippi and Tennessee Collections & Commercial Litigation Lawyers

We represent a variety of creditors in the collection of outstanding accounts and bad debt. Glen K. Till, Jr. is a member of Association of Credit and Collection Professionals / Members’ Attorney Program (MAP) and adheres to its high standards of professionalism. Further, the resources available to him through his membership in ACA / MAP are available to the client through his representation.

While we are efficient and effective when litigation becomes necessary, we pay careful attention to the needs of our clients and offer various procedures for clients that desire to maintain their customers, clients and patients. We employ talented personnel and allow you to use one law firm for all of your collection matters throughout Mississippi. Further, we provide our clients with monthly status reports on their accounts.

The majority of our collection work based on a contingency fee schedule. If there is no collection, you will owe no attorney’s fee. Our contingency rates are highly competitive and are based on the size of the account, the age of the account, and the number of accounts being placed with us for recovery.

We also handle a variety of possessory actions. We typically handle replevins, evictions, unlawful entry and detainer matters, foreclosures and similar actions on a flat rate fee structure. Again, our rates are highly competitive and are typically based on the number of accounts being placed with us for recovery.