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Local Counsel

Perhaps you are an out-of-state business who has a legal problem with a customer in Mississippi. You need a Mississippi business litigation lawyer. Maybe issues resulting from the relocation of a divorced spouse make it necessary to cross the border from Tennessee into Mississippi. Perhaps a tourist is injured in Mississippi and needs a Mississippi personal injury lawyer to make the best case possible. From our office in Jackson, Mississippi, we can provide a solution to your logistical issues. Also, Mississippi recently passed legislative tort reforms that forbid out-of-state lawyers to advertise in Mississippi “for the purpose of soliciting prospective clients” for civil litigation there unless they first associate local counsel to be actively involved in the lawsuit.

If you are looking for a local firm to represent your out-of-state clients, the attorneys at Simmons Dallas, PLLC are ready to help in a number of ways.

First, it is possible to be admitted pro hac vice in order to practice within Mississippi for a specific case. Our attorneys can use their personal familiarity with every level of the Mississippi court system, both federal and state, to speed your motion for admission to completion.

Second, our attorneys are licensed to practice before every state and federal board in Mississippi. If you do not have local offices, retaining Simmons Dallas, PLLC can be the most comprehensive precaution your company can take if Mississippi state regulations may raise an issue of any kind during the conduct of your business.

Thirdly, when relatives or property cross the state border, various family and estate issues can lead to the involvement of Mississippi state law. Simmons Dallas, PLLC can serve as your local contact for the resolution of inheritance, will contests, custody issues, or other personal legal issues.

If you are new to Mississippi law, and are in need of legal advice from a member of the Mississippi Bar, call us at the Simmons Dallas, PLLC offices in Jackson, toll free, at our office, or e-mail us from this website. Our attorneys are also admitted to practice in Tennessee.